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Divine Custom Facial

Results and relaxation….we will customized your skin care treatment to give you the best results for your specific skin care needs, while providing you with the pampering you deserve.  Experience a facial treatment as “divine” as you.

$210 Series of 3 ($30 savings)

DiVine Custom Facial Plus Package

$380 Includes series of 3 DiVine Custom Facials and $200 dollars towards a custom Zo Product Regime ($60 SAVINGS!)

DiVine Cusom Facial Deluxe Package

$550 Includes series of 3 DiVine Custom Facials and $400 dollars towards a custom Zo Product Regime ($90 SAVINGS!)

Acne/teen Facial

Let us educate you on how to improve your skin, whether you’re a teen or an adult.  Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a custom masque for a healthier complextion.  Individual skin regimine and at home care will be recommended to aid in the healing of your acne. (30-40 minutes)

$135 Series of 3 ($15 savings)

Acne/teen Facial Deluxe Package

$320 Includes series of 3 Acne facials and $200 dollars towards a custom Zo Product Regime ($30 savings)

Express Facial

This facial is designed keeping your busy schedule in mind.  Customized treatment including cleansing, exfoliation and masque.  It’s the perfect way for those on the go to maintain radiant, glowing skin without taking up to much of your valuable time.


Back Facial

This therpeutic treatment of the back helps to clarify and soften the skin of the back.  Includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation and steam to treat any congestion and reveal a brighter and smoother skin. Follwed by a relaxing massage and a masque customized to your individual needs.


Peels – ZO Stimulator Peel

The “lunchtime” peel for all skin types.  Improves your overall skin tone and texture with no downtime.  Promotes softer, smoother skin addressing fine lines, dull appearance and rough, dry texture.

$260 Series of 3 ($40 SAVINGS)

Add on our Skin Brightening Masque for superior brightening benefits.


Our microderm abrasion treatments are performed with a diamond tip wand to gently abrade the surface of your skin.  Microderm promotes a healthy more youthful complexion, reduces appearance of wrinkles, decreases mild to moderate acne scarring and helps decreased hyperpigmentation or brown spots.  Your face will be immediately rejuvenated with a soft texture and a youthful, healthy glow.

$240 Series of 3 ($57 SAVINGS)

Our Multi-function facial machine also provides:

Microdermabrasion – Effectively diminish conditions left by sun damage, wrinkles, and coarsely textured skin. Virtually painless and safe effective way to restore youthful glow to skin

Galvanic – Penetrates the skin surface utilizing an electrical current. The galvanic treatment has two functions: the first, Iontoderm promotes with deep skin cleansing and the second, Iontophoresis facilitates cream, lotion, and solution penetration deep into the skin.

High Frequency – Ultraviolet Electrodes sterilize skin and increases circulation. This machine kills bacteria to eliminate and speed healing of blemishes.

Massage Brush Machine – Circular Brush Attachments rotate to aid in the application of solutions and creams to the skin. Aids in exfoliation and provides a gentle massage action to the skin during application.

Vacuum Extractor – Remove pimples and blackheads

Spray Diffuser – Spray Mist function provides a light refreshing mist you can apply for a cooling and hydrating effect.

Herbal Facial Steamer – The steamer heats distilled water to produce a high pressure steam for delivery to the skin. This helps to open pores and relaxes face muscles to aid in the extraction of impurities.

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